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Public Talks and Appearances

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PODCAST: Sea Change Radio

I chat with host Alex Wise about topics in my book Bright Green Future like tactical urbanism and urban farm "blotting." 

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PODCAST: Paleo vs Vegan

I debate with "The Paleo Solution" author Robb Wolf about the Pros & Cons of vegan vs paleo diets

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PODCAST: Your Wellness Journey

I spoke with host Marla Barr about veganism, and how the planet's health and your own health are intimately intertwined

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PODCAST: Your Wellness Journey

A chat with host Marla Barr about the Australian wildfires and the connection to climate change and our diets

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PODCAST: The Dose Show

I speak with host Dr Robin Barrett about Covid, environmental health, and the health journey

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ARTICLE: NBC News Profile

An interview article about the Planet Doctor on an NBC news affiliate online platform

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PODCAST: No Bullshit Vegan Podcast

A talk with host Karina Inkster about plant-based eating, climate change, and moderation

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ARTICLE: Dr. Schwartz Profile

Q & A with Greg on the Upgrade natural products website

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