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DRRUSCIO PODCASThttps://drruscio.com/climate-change-debate-carnivorous-vs-vegan-diet/ 

          I debate Robb Wolf, multiple New York Times best-selling author of

       The Paleo Solution and other books

YOUR WELLNESS JOURNEY:  https://marlabarr.com/your-wellness-journey-homepage/

          Episode #50: Veganism, Wildfires, self-awareness

       Episode 84: The State of the Globe

THE NO BULLSHIT VEGAN PODCASThttps://www.karinainkster.com/post/fight-climate-change-go-vegan

          Climate change, veganism, moderation

THE DOSE SHOW with Dr. Robin Barrett:  "Podcasts" app on iphone, Sept 9, 2020 "Environmental Health with Dr. Gregory Schwartz." 

          We talk about Netflix, athletic training, my spiritual journey, my world travels, etc.

MOTIVATED PODCAST: (taped & coming soon)

          We spoke about psychology and physical daily logistics of staying motivated to perform at a high level during the stay at home order.

SEA CHANGE RADIO: https://www.cchange.net/2021/04/20/schwartz/

I spoke about Bright Green Future, "tactical urbanism" and other sustainability innovations



UPGRAID Health Hub Articlehttps://www.upgraid.me/blogs/blog/the-planet-doctor-a-profile-of-dr-gregory-schwartz-phd

NBC Interview and Article: https://www.wrde.com/story/43622975/the-planet-doctor-embodies-his-message-healthy-body-healthy-planet