BIO #1: The Environmentalist

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Greg grew up in southern California, the son of two former Nebraska farmers. He received his degree in Geography from UC Berkeley, graduating near the top of his class. Globetrotting for many years, Greg has been to 40 countries and worked, researched, and traveled on five continents.  


After receiving his Master of Science in Geography  and Sociology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Greg experienced a major spiritual awakening which dominated his life for a few years in his early 30s. This intense time challenged and expanded him greatly.  


He eventually returned to graduate school and completed his PhD in Geography (political ecology) at the University of Texas, Austin faster than anyone in the 70-year history of the department. His research focused on "payment for ecosystem services"  in Costa Rica where he consulted President Luis Solis and his environmental ministries (MINAET and FONAFIFO) on national-level land-use policies. 

During his academic career, Greg served as research assistant to both Yi-Fu Tuan, regarded as the most prominent living geographer, and Karl Butzer, the progenitor of Geoarchaeology. 


Having taught for three years at California State University, Northridge, and currently tenured at Laney College, Greg has authored two books and is published in both academic and mainstream journals. He occasionally appears on TV and podcasts as an earth science expert, and he has a cameo in the Netflix original documentary series, Last Chance U, Season 5. 


Greg, a.k.a. The Planet Doctor, is an environmental activist, a competitive track and field athlete, and he eats a vegan, organic diet. One of his true joys is zipping around town with his wife and two sons in their electric car.  

BIO  #2: The Athlete

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Greg played quarterback, center field, and point guard in high school. Scouted by the Houston Astros and the Montreal Expos, and recruited to play football at both Princeton and the Air Force Academy, Greg chose to join the football team at UC Berkeley.  After one year at Cal Berkeley, Greg signed a professional contract as starting quarterback of the Vienna Rangers, in a nascent American football league in Europe.  


After returning to Cal and graduating, Greg began developing his holistic health awareness. He worked for the county health department composing and presenting nutritional curricula, and he also trained in Thailand to become a certified Thai traditional medical massage therapist. Later Greg managed and ran a vegan organic raw food cafe in Berkeley called "Raw Energy." 


Always evolving as an athlete, he started competing in track and field events in his 30s, and appeared as a principle runner in a Nike commercial called "Wild Horses." 


In 2018, two years after turning vegan,  Greg placed fourth in the 100 meters and fifth in the 200 meters at the U.S. Track and Field Master's National Championships.