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Cardio Challenge

Fit Vegan Challenge
Weekly Plan

Wk 1: Fit Vegan Kickstart

Crash course in plant-based meal planning, muscle-building & fat-loss

Wk 2: Metabolic BURN

5 foods to avoid, & "double metabolic" method

Wk 3: Hormone Reset

Autophagy, 1-hour cleanse, shock the muscles & testosterone boost

Wk 4: Eat More & Indulge

Macros, glycemic index, & the only way to cheat with sugar

Wk 5: Build Muscle, Lose Fat

Anti-oxidation, muscle-gains & shred

Wk 6: New Habits, New Body

Seeing results, long-term maintenance, ecological impact

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“Greg is my nutrition & fitness GURU! I’ve never felt this in control of and happy with my body. With his personal coaching, I totally transformed my body – and with much less effort than I expected.”  

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Let's be honest. Starting any challenge that pushes you out of your comfort zone can be intimidating. But thanks to the one-on-one help and group check-ins I was able to achieve great results. After 6 weeks I was down 11lbs

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I’m a very satisfied customer! My average blood pressure readings dropped drastically and I lost over 10 pounds, which friends DID notice and comment on!

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As a professional athlete, I must stay sharp and be capable of withstanding intense workouts and games. Being able to turn to my mentor, Greg Schwartz, has been my secret. He helps me understand how to fuel my body with not only the best nutrition but also with the right mental health. He truly is next-level for your mind, body, and soul."

3 Free Bonuses with the Fit Vegan Challenge

Or download the PDF
by clicking the image


*High-performance Plant-Based Meal Plans

*Key Foods for Metabolic Boost & Endocrine Reset

*Gym & Home Workouts for

Muscle-Building & Fat Loss

*Weekly Group Coaching Calls

*Unlimited 1-on-1 coaching

*Elite Training Secrets to Get Results

*Downloadable videos & PDFs You'll Use for a Lifetime

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I was a 3-sport athlete in college, but I was always a bit bloated, 25 lbs. overweight, with big blood-sugar swings. I went vegan and that helped A LOT. But there was much more. To discover my body's FULL POTENTIAL, I learned key truths about the food supply, our metabolism, and how to maximize physical performance, and that made all the difference
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