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Get in amazing shape AND go plant-based in 6 weeks -- all with the convenience of my Planet Doctor app. Includes daily vegan meal plans, expert workouts for multiple ability levels, specialized weekly nutrition and fitness guidance, and options for group and one-on-one coaching. Remove all the guesswork and don't even give up comfort food. Join my FIT VEGAN TRIBE and start your transformation today! 

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Bright Green Future chronicles a renaissance at the edge of a crisis. As climate change shifts our planet towards an uncertain future, a movement of unlikely heroes is crafting a blueprint for a better world. It’s a world where clean power builds wealth for local communities, resources regenerate themselves, city planning is driven by the people, and healthy soil works miracles. These changemakers have opened a gateway for ordinary people to begin imagining and building the bright future we deserve.


Harmon Street Press

Dimensions: 8.5" x 5.5"

Length: 169 pages

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My _moto_ in Costa Rica
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Geography Class
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Golfito, Costa Rica
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Greg 2 Maui
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Claudine Wong & I
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Horseback in Costa Rica
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Doctoral Research
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