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The Planet Doctor

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Bright Green Future chronicles a renaissance at the edge of a crisis. As climate change shifts our planet towards an uncertain future, a movement of unlikely heroes is crafting a blueprint for a better world. It’s a world where clean power builds wealth for local communities, resources regenerate themselves, city planning is driven by the people, and healthy soil works miracles. These changemakers have opened a gateway for ordinary people to begin imagining and building the bright future we deserve.

Dimensions: 8.5" x 5.5"

Length: 169 pages

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Support for Greg and the Book:

This book is an antidote to despair. It reveals a world of innovators who cultivate seeds of ingenuity into glorious trees of life.  Distributing power and creating a virtuous cycle of resources are the keys to a future in which we can all thrive, together.

Dan Chu, Executive Director, Sierra Club Foundation

Inspiring Read! I admire and respect those fighting the good fight for Mother Earth. Change is slow and it’s books like these that open our eyes to what can be accomplished with creativity and dedication. 

Rosemary Orozco,



San Francisco 

Bright Green Future interweaves gripping personal stories with elegant interconnected solutions to the earth and her people's biggest problems.

A must read!

Sarah Shanley Hope, Executive Director, The Solutions Project

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BIO: The Environmentalist

Greg grew up in southern California, the son of two former Nebraska farmers. He received his degree in Geography, graduating near the top of his class from UC Berkeley. Traveling for many years, Greg has visited nearly 40 countries on five continents as a researcher, translator, and adventure traveler. 


His teaching career began as a high school Spanish teacher in inner-city Los Angeles as well as in Richmond, CA. 


After receiving his Master of Science in Geography  and Sociology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Greg experienced a major spiritual awakening which occupied a few years in his early 30s. This intense time challenged and expanded him greatly.  


He eventually returned to graduate school and completed his PhD in Geography (political ecology) at the University of Texas, Austin faster than anyone in the 70-year history of the department. His research focused on "payment for ecosystem services"  in Costa Rica where he consulted President Luis Solis and his cabinet about national-level environmental policies. 


Having taught for three years at California State University, Northridge, and currently at Laney College, Greg is also a frequent podcast contributor and appears in the Netflix original series, Last Chance U, Season 5. 


Greg, a.k.a. the planet doctor, is an environmental activist, a competitive track and field athlete, and he eats a vegan, organic diet. One of his true joys is zipping around town with his wife and two sons in their electric car.  

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Golfito, Costa Rica
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Claudine Wong & I
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To contact Greg, or for any media inquiries:

Tel: 310-951-1116 |

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